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We Love Sex with all it's Sweetness!

Like Girls, Boys or Trannys? Our Pleasure is to Pleasure Your Sexual Appetite!

The main lights go out the dance floor lights come on

The main lights go out the dance floor lights come onThe main lights go out, the dance floor lights come on. The music starts, the fog lights are turned on. Women in low cut tops, Cleavage on show. Enter the dance floor, Friends in tow. Glances are met, Moves are noted. Temperatures are rising, Reticence gets demoted. Vision lingers, Pulses race. Curiosity piqued, by a beautiful face. Across the floor, Dancers do glide. Feelings flowing, an unstoppable tide. People are dodged, Hands are ducked. Shoulders hunch, as arms are tucked. Bodies get closer, Personal scents mingle. Bodies on fire, Nerve endings tingle. Finally they meet, under the lights. Hemmed in by mortals, Eyes shining bright. The beat goes on, the hour darkens. His hand touches flesh, to see what happens. She feels his touch, Brush her skin. She makes a move, closer to sin. Breathe on cheek, Hand on hip. Passion is on, a one way trip. With no rejection, He moves his hand. Pulling her closer, the flames are fanned. She feels his need, a mirror of hers. Union beckons, she...Read more >

Sweet College Cock

Sweet College CockJon was tall; I would estimate his height to be around say 6.3. He is a white guy with blond hair, blue eyes, skinny but muscular. We met my first day at college. It was his first day too and within a week we had started hooking up. Being new at school we both lived in dorms with roommates so we were often creative and sometimes not so creative with where we would get it on. Especially being young and dumb we often disregarded everyone around us and would be extreme with our PDA on the quad. At frat parties and house parties, and the like, we would get hot and heavy in the front yard of our university President’s house right next to his dorm room. Eventually we were fully hooking up and having sex most nights. There were few nights where we didn’t have sex. Both of us were insatiable and getting it on all the time. Some days we would have sex multiple times at night and again in the morning. He had a beautiful cock. It was Big, real big and Cut and pink. I lost my virginity...Read more >

We Cum to You as You Cum to Us!

Take me with all your might and do with me all you please. Let all my Sexual Zones be Your Playground.