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Sweet College Cock

Sweet College CockJon was tall; I would estimate his height to be around say 6.3. He is a white guy with blond hair, blue eyes, skinny but muscular. We met my first day at college. It was his first day too and within a week we had started hooking up. Being new at school we both lived in dorms with roommates so we were often creative and sometimes not so creative with where we would get it on. Especially being young and dumb we often disregarded everyone around us and would be extreme with our PDA on the quad. At frat parties and house parties, and the like, we would get hot and heavy in the front yard of our university President’s house right next to his dorm room. Eventually we were fully hooking up and having sex most nights. There were few nights where we didn’t have sex. Both of us were insatiable and getting it on all the time. Some days we would have sex multiple times at night and again in the morning. He had a beautiful cock. It was Big, real big and Cut and pink. I lost my virginity...Read more >

He did me missionary and turned me over and gave it to me from behind

He did me missionary and turned me over and gave it to me from behindWe had our huge work conference in DC right around Valentine’s Day. I was there with my manager, and 3 other GM’s in our franchise. There were thousands of people attending. On the first night I saw him in the lobby of the hotel as I was going out for dinner with my team, I said hi to him, he stared at me seemingly startled. I ran into him the next night when we had a private party at the Smithsonian aviation museum. We chatted, exchanged numbers and agreed to get together later that night. He texted me to go to the club on the top floor of the hotel later that night, but I decided to decline. The next day we texted all day during the conferences and I was super excited to see him at the awards banquet that night. We stole away to meet in abandoned lobby during the banquet and I knew right there that I wanted to touch him. We agreed to meet later. After the awards banquet was over there were people everywhere, massively intoxicated and hooking up all over the place. Frank came...Read more >

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